Storage cabin


1). BASE : 125mm x 65mm I beam, cross member of 75mm x 40mm square pipe, with 50mm x 50mm square pipe.
2). ROOF : Top outer curved type M.S.1.2mm(18swg) plain sheet welded with M.S. Frame structure.
3). CAGE STRUCTURE & WALL PANEL : MS Frame work with square pipe.
EXTERIOR WALL : M.S. 1.2mm. Bended sheet welded on M.S. Frame.
INTERNAL WALL : Will be painted with epoxy paint.
4). DOOR: Frame work of 30mm x 30mm square pipe external wall with suitable locking system.
5). ELECTRICAL : All electric wiring will be open & fitted with ISI marked branded modular switches & sockets, tube lights & bulk head light above the door will be provided.